Monday, 5 January 2015

How To Plan Money Saving Meal While You Are Going For Dinner?

Going out for dinner has become a passion and fun for most of us. Most people love eating out during weekends to move away the stressful mind to a relaxed shape.

At times eating out may cost you much. Yet it relieves your stiff nerves and makes you light-heated to face the forthcoming week with a new hope and enthusiasm.
There are umpteen numbers of ways to cut down your expenses and still you don’t skip your off-home dinner and recoup your mind-set for another hectic week.

Here are few useful tips to make your eating out reasonable:-

Select the restaurant:

It is so pathetic that some people are under the notion that you get best food only in a fashionable and posh restaurant. Of course, they charge you high and serve you the best but these are not the only places you get fabulous food.

It is only a myth and the fact is that you get delicious and home-like food in some of the not-so attractive, yet so clean restaurants and they charge you reasonably. Talk to your friends and colleagues to get to know such places of eateries.

Avoid prime-time:

Most of the expensive restaurants serve the early-diners high and charge them higher with a multifarious menu. As the food items start vanishing the charges too will start declining. But the dinner would be good and you need not waste a lot but pay the entire bill for what you have not eaten too.

Start with an appetizer:

Sometimes you happen to regret after you finish your dinner because you could not consume what was served as you have to pay for the uneaten food also. To avoid these after-thoughts, you can try out an appetizer before you start eating the main menu.

This is applicable especially if you are a small eater. If at all any costly item is left over, do not hesitate to ask for a pack-up take-home item. You can cut the cost by enjoying it for your lunch next day.

Look for discounts and rewards:

Many restaurants provide senior citizen discount during weekends and on special occasions. Check if your regular haunts maintain this kind of encouragement. If you are a regular traveler, you may be offered rewards on your credit cards often.

Some of the credit card companies offer restaurant gift vouchers in place of your reward points.

Utilize these points to dine out when you are on the move. Some of the guest houses or hotels where you stay during a business trip or family tours, they offer complimentary dinner.

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